2017 National Open Cup

AYSO National Open Cup, Lancaster, CA July 13-160, 2017

The first AYSO National Open Cup was held in sunny Lancaster from July 13 through 16, 2017. At least 15 referees from Section 11 braved the heat and the distance to officiate in this tournament – their names are listed below. Thank you very much! (And I apologize if I’ve missed anyone – please let me know if I have).


Ben Murray
AYSO Section 11 Referee Administrator

Loren Maddy 11/K/0055/CA
Justin McBride 11/K/0517/CA
Ben Murray 11/L/0086/CA
Ron Cutwright 11/Q/0096/CA
Vince Rodriguez 11/Q/0120/CA
Paul Stradling 11/Q/0213/CA
Steve Bahro 11/V/0168/CA
Rich Hadsell 11/V/0168/CA
Bradley Kowalczyk 11/V/0168/CA
Dan Mergens 11/V/0234/CA
Steven Mergens 11/V/0234/CA
Robert Mercado 11/Z/0024/CA
Daniel Rosario 11/Z/0024/CA
David Hawkinson 11/Z/0106/CA
Jeremy Overstreet 11/Z/0106/CA

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